Quit Making Weight Your Problem

How much do you love this…


I love it a lot!  So true too, if you want to quit making your weight a problem, quit making it your problem.  It’s become so obvious to me that we are creating the very issue we are trying to avoid by being afraid of gaining weight.  It keeps us caught in the same dieting cycle that typically got us there in the first place.  In fact, I truly believe that our so-called “obesity epidemic” or “weight problem” isn’t actually that at all.  The sooner we focus on the real issue, the better off we will be.


So what is a real issue?  In my professional experience, most if not all, health issues are caused by a disconnection from our bodies.  We overeat, move less and less, are stressed out and overscheduled and lack adequate sleep.  Instead of recommitting to listening to our bodies and taking care of them, our solution is to beat them up with diets and extreme exercise for the sake of losing weight.  If you lose weight but are still eating and exercising haphazardly and lacking adequate rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, you aren’t going to necessarily be any healthier for it.


If we continue to use weight as a measurement of health, we will stay in the same all-or-nothing mindset with food and exercise.  I encourage you to take care of yourself and let your weight take care of itself.  Lack of adequate self-care is our issue, not our weight.


Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD