Quieting the mind and body

Our society has created a culture of continual sensory stimulation: computers, cell phones, music, television, radio, billboards, and the internet. These sensory stimulations can improve our lives and also be distracting to our emotional and mental health / wellness.

Spending a few minutes to quiet our mind and bodies each day provides us physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. We can quiet our minds and bodies through numerous venues. Formal relaxation/serenity activities include: yoga, tai chi, martial arts, personal or guided meditations, progressive muscle relaxation, and stretching. We can also take time for informal relaxation such as: deep breathing while sitting at a stop light in our car, turning off the radio for a few minuets and enjoying the silence, taking a few deep breaths while sitting at work or standing in a line, or taking a few minuets to admire the clouds in the sky.

As I take time to quiet the chatter of my mind, deep breathe, and enjoy the moment of now, I have a renewal of energy and peace, which contributes to improving and maintaining my health and wellness lifestyle.