{Quick and Easy Meal} Turkey Roll-Ups

My husband coaches the varsity softball team at the high school he teaches at.  Softball season is now just getting over and I’m looking forward to having him home more!  But when he’s gone quite a bit, I need dinner to be even more quick and easy than usual.  I thought I would share the dinner we probably have twice a week… 🙂  


Tortilla (you MUST get these, they beat any other tortilla you will ever eat)


HOPE Spicy Avocado Hummus

Baby carrots

turkey roll up

Basically this dinner is brought to you by Costco.  You obviously could use any brand of these items you prefer.  We also often include sliced apples or strawberries, add tomato/lettuce/mustard to the wrap…you could get creative.  I keep it pretty simple!  I actually think find that many people feel nutritious meals need to be complicated which leads them to feel paralyzed in making changes.  And while this may not be your type of dinner, it’s also a quick lunch!


Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD