Quarantine yourself at MOVARA in the midst of the chaos ***BOOK NOW*** You have only 10 days to get in before we close.

It’s all we can think about.  It’s on every channel, every news feed, it’s part of every conversation.  The Coronavirus hasn’t left any of us untouched by its effect even if it’s in a small way, but many of you have been effected in tremendous ways.  

Frankly, being in the hospitality industry right now isn’t for the faint of heart, we’re forging on in the face of a lot of obstacles however we’ve been thinking outside the box and have come up with an idea we think you might just LOVE! 



  1. Check-in ANY DAY between now and Sunday, March 29th.

Get here AS SOON as you can though, everything is moving very quickly and we may have to close BEFORE the 29th.

  1. After March 29th our doors are closing to any other guests!  We will be quarantined together until the restrictions have been lifted. Staff too!  We’ll be staying at Movara and eating with you. No one will be allowed to come in until the restrictions have been lifted.
  1. Our amazing Movara program will be back in your life in a SAFE environment. Our amazing hikes, incredible food, dedicated staff, wonderful lectures and classes that you love!  
  1. Still working? If you are working from home you may as well work from your healthy home and continue being fed healthy meals and getting the activity that you need. Internet and working situations will be allowed and provided for you to continue your work from Movara.
  1. What an opportunity! Spend as long as you’d like here, work on your health goals and leave when you’re ready. STRETCH, HIKE, SLEEP, LEARN, EAT, UNWIND, REFOCUS, BREATHE.  Exit the craziness with less weight, more peace, and everything better than when you arrived.
  1. Rates:


One week $1795  

Two weeks $1695 

Three Weeks $1595  

Four weeks or more $1495


Add another $300 per week


  1. You can leave before your week or weeks are up, however you won’t be able to return to Movara until the virus restrictions are over.  We will keep your stay as a credit for future stays.
  1. If we have to close because someone becomes ill or for any other reason beyond our control, we will refund your money.  OR, if you choose to keep your stay as a credit, we’ll give you an additional 10% off any future stay. Win win!
  1. May we suggest you drive here? If you fly, there is a possibility they will close domestic air travel and you may have to rent a car to get back. 

**If we have to close at any time for reasons beyond our control, including not enough guests to sustain the program, we are not responsible for any travel expenses you may incur as a result.

  1. You will not be able to leave the resort other than in the Movara vans for the hikes.  If you come by car, we would kindly ask you to leave your car keys at the front desk until you’re ready to go home.  We don’t want to risk you getting ill and closing the resort for everyone.
  1. There will be a few adjustments:
  • The Steam Room and Sauna are closed for now.
  •  We will have limited spa services that are still to be determined.
  • Our lecturers will be Skyped in rather than in person.
  • One on one consultations with any of our lecturers will be by phone or video conferencing. 
  • We won’t be offering a Target trip. 
  • We may limit package delivery, it is still to be determined. If something is needed we’ll do everything we can to get it for you. Cameron, our owner will be staying off property and act as our courier.
  • There may be a bit less variety in meals and hikes, right now we’re on a three to four-week rotation for both, it may be reduced.
  • There will only be one orientation on March 29th and no Friday graduations.
  • There will be no Meal Connecting on Fridays.
  • There will be no self serve salad bar – salads will be prepared in the kitchen and offered in individual containers with your choice of dressings on the side.
  • We may be required to provide your meals in take out containers rather than sit-in dining. Still to be determined.
  • Snacks will not be buffet style but kept in the kitchen and by request, but without limitation.
  1. As it has always been, the safety and security of our guests and team members remains our highest priority.  We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In response to the coronavirus, we have taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous and will continue to do so.
  1. Please, under no circumstances come to Movara if you are sick, or have been to any of the top 10 affected countries in the last 14 days.  These countries include: China, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway or Japan. Please also contact us if you have been on a cruise in the last 14 days.
  1. This is going to be so much FUN!  It will be like one big giant sleepover once everyone is in and healthy!  We’ll be doing all sorts of fun activities that will be unlike any other time at Movara!  



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You only have a few days to get here BEFORE WE CLOSE

PS – We have lots of toilet paper!