The Movara Program

We focus on helping people improve their health, gain confidence and ignite a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle through our all inclusive, structured program. 

You will achieve results through our 3 night minimum all inclusive & structured program. Your experience at Movara includes accommodations, fitness classes, guided hikes, educational lectures and meals.

Movara’s unique program is designed to provide guests with a comprehensive wellness experience that focuses on fitness, nutrition and education. Our goal is to help individuals achieve their fitness goals while providing skills and knowledge needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Movara helps improve the relationship many have with exercise and encourages movement as part of your daily routine. Our unique hiking program also allows guests to experience the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors while rejuvenating the body and spirit. 



Our nutrition philosophy focuses on nutrient dense food vs calorie dense food. Movara provides a large variety of appetizing and nutritionally dense meals that will keep you satisfied. 



Movara’s educational series addresses three areas of focus: mindset, movement and nutrition. These daily lectures teach how to remove fear and disappointment and replace that with confidence and love. 


The best fitness, or nutrition plan you can choose is the one you’re willing to do long term. We believe the more simple the plan, the greater the opportunity for consistency. Lasting results are the result of consistent actions over time. Keeping this principle in mind when creating a fitness or nutrition routine will be essential to success. Everyone’s simple is different. It’s important not to compare. After all, slow and steady wins the race!! 

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