Corporate Wellness Programs At Movara

Our Corporate Wellness Programs Are Designed To Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity Through Nutrition Training, Team Building, and Exercise

5 Star Rating - Movara Fitness Resort
This resort is LIFE CHANGING!! Everyone is so positive and truly wants to see you succeed in whatever your goals are. I like that there are people of all different fitness levels and each will be challenged.

- Cindy Wales

5 Star Rating - Movara Fitness Resort
Amazing. Food amazing, staff amazing, resort amazing, support and goals all very helpful. Enjoyed my time there and look forward to my next visit.

- Heather Zollinger


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5 Star Rating - Movara Fitness Resort
I have been to Movara on more than one occasion. I am always amazed at how the staff makes me feel, the beauty of the area and facilities, and the change it brings about in my life.

- Jeff Hall

5 Star Rating - Movara Fitness Resort
Wow. My husband I just completed 1 week at Movara! We were expecting a lot of exercise classes but we got so much more. Movara is a complete health reset for nutrition, fitness AND emotional well being.

- Kelsey Fangupo

Who Are We?

Movara Fitness Resort and Weight Loss Clinic is an award winning health and weight loss resort located in Ivins, Utah. Our mission is to move our guests closer to health and happiness through our structured fitness program. With proven results and our corporate wellness programs, Movara is the perfect fitness escape for those who are looking to lose weight, make a life-style change, relieve stress, or get in shape. It is also great for those who are looking for a fitness vacation to enhance their everyday workout routine and increase overall productivity.

Corporate Wellness Programs At Movara Fitness Resort, Utah

Our Corporate Wellness Program

Movara is not a resort within a resort. We provide the safest environment for change. Our program will set anyone up to succeed with our compassionate staff and guest comraderie. We are a structured program that provides accountability, motivation and options for everyone within our corporate wellness program and individual programs.

We approach weight loss from a realistic and cognitive stance to ensure lasting change. Our guests achieve success through nutritional awareness, achievable exercise, and a healthy mindset.

Our all-inclusive resort is located at the beautiful foothills of Snow Canyon State Park in Southern Utah. Our entire facility from our workout facilities to our comfortable, on-site accommodations is centered around creating a safe and healthy atmosphere, producing a productive and healthy mindset.



Investing in the health of your employees can greatly benefit your company. Not only do you improve your company’s reputation, but having a wellness plan boosts morale and can even save money. Here are just some of the benefits that companies and employees experienced after sending their employees to Movara:

  • Increase in Moral
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer sick days
  • A healthy and active culture formed within the work place
  • Witnessed a rise in their employees’ confidence
  • Improved insurance premiums and benefits

The Financial Benefits of A Corporate Wellness Program

The financial benefits of a wellness program include reducing medical claims, pharmaceutical, disability, and workers’ compensation expenditures. Many of these expenditures are caused by modifiable health-damaging behaviors. Other financial benefits include reducing absenteeism and presenteeism costs. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that presenteeism costs American companies $180 billion annually, and a study by Medstat and the Cornell University Institute for Health and Productivity Studies estimates that presenteeism costs U.S. companies $255 per employee per year.

“My employee was under a lot of stress. She has been working for us for years and has always gone above and beyond. I noticed she had begun to gain weight and was becoming unhealthy, so I sent her to Movara. She loved it – it changed her life!”

-Mona Treadway, Dragonfly Transitions


Out of all of the many ways to improve or add to your corporate wellness plan, at Movara we believe that our structured program is the most effective way to inspire lasting change. Here are some of the results our guests have experienced:

  • 93% of our guests were happy with their results after their stay.
  • 94% experienced healthy weight loss.
  • Guests with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity consistently experienced an improvement in their overall health.

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