Patience with my wellness journey

We have grown up in a society that leads us to believe that if it is not “fast, easy, and now” then it is not worth it; this statement is a fallacy, especially with a health and fitness lifestyle. It takes time, a conscience effort, and progression of successes, to create a wellness lifestyle. A health and wellness lifestyle can also be enjoyable, easier than we think, and exciting.

The expectations we have of ourselves and others can sometimes be demanding and unrealistic; they can affect the way we see ourselves and others. Building a health and wellness lifestyle also includes observing “what are my expectations for myself?” and “what are my expectations for others?” Are they realistic for this moment in time? Or can we progress toward our goals a little each day? Can I take steps that lead me toward my goal that are measurable, obtainable, and motivating?

Take one day at a time. Identify each day what your successes are for THAT day. Each day our ability physically, mentally, and emotionally changes depending on many different factors. For THAT day, what are your successes in your health and wellness lifestyle/life? What is the next step I will take that is obtainable, realistic, and motivating for me?