Overcome the “impossible” in your life

I read an article about how it should be “impossible” for the bumble bee to fly with it’s body weight/mass compared to it’s wing span…yet it does! Each of us can take a lesson from the bee; do not let others determine our limits! If the bee listened to the scientists, it would not be flying around. So often we turn to other to define our roles, how we see ourselves, or our successes. In reality, we can have, be, or do what we want in our own life.

I am a daily witness to amazing experiences, as people decide what they want for their lives and overcome challenges that include: weight, body image issues, self-esteem, mental illness, substance abuse, addiction, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. These experiences have solidified for me the amazing capability of the human spirit to heal, progress, and accomplish WHAT EVER one decides to do. May you find your wings to fly and accomplish your health and wellness goals by: taking one step at a time, being steadfast in your goals, believing in yourself, and creating a support system that also believes in your ability to create the health and wellness lifestyle you are building.

Krista Bart, LCSW