Our Team

The Movara Team


A key to your success at our Movara weight loss resort is our team of experts. They will open the door to a better understanding of fitness, nutrition and overall physical and emotional well being. Our professionals are committed not only to helping you achieve maximum results during your stay with us, but also to providing you with the information and tools you will need to make positive, long term life changes.

All of our trainers hold certificates recognized by national organizations. The nutritionists at our resort hold a Registered Dietician designation and/or a degree in dietetics/nutrition from respected universities and our counselors have degrees or hold certificates in each of their fields.


Sharon Read


Sharon has been teaching aerobics for over 30 years and specializes in spin, turbo kick, pilates reformer, power pump, toning, aquatics, treading, and her favorite, kickboxing. Sharon is one of the most energetic and positive people you will ever meet! She has a knack for motivating guests with her sense of humor and contagious laugh.Sharon is certified with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AAFA) in group fitness and personal training and is certified in TRX and Zumba. Sharon is a native of southern Utah, growing up just 30 miles from The Resort. Sharon is a very compassionate individual, allowing guests to feel inspired during their stay and continued success at home.

Emily Fonnesbeck


Emily Fonnesbeck, RD, CD, is a Registered Dietitian and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietics. Emily earned her Bachelor’s in Dietetics from Brigham Young University and she belongs to the practice groups of Behavioral Health, Nutrition, and Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition. She also completed training in Adult Weight Management and is a Certified LEAP Therapist, specializing in autoimmune, digestive and inflammatory conditions. Her nutrition passion consists of helping individuals free themselves from diets, food guilt, food shame and obsessive exercise. She has a non-diet, client-centered approach and uses the principles of Intuitive Eating. Her goal is to help people escape the restriction/choas cycle caused by dieting or food anxiety and replace it with a flexible, satisfying and nourishing self-care plan. Instead of creating unnecessary restrictions, Emily has found client-centered coaching to be more effective.Emily has a passion for nutrition.  She loves creating flavorful and healthy meals for her family to enjoy, with fun treats too! Emily also loves to write, spend time with her sons, play basketball and tennis with her 10 year old and go running with her husband.  For Emily, there is nothing better than watching a good movie.  Emily’s family enjoys being outdoors in the water or the mountains.  She also enjoys staying active through yoga, biking, running, and weight training.

Sam Baker


Sam began his journey toward becoming a chef at Davis Applied Technology College for Culinary Arts. While in school, he participated in community events such as, Art and Soup, Chef and Child, and competed in many food show competitions.Fresh out of culinary school, he went on to apprentice under European trained Chefs at Utah Food Services, and was offered the position of Sous Chef. While at Utah Foods, he had the opportunity to cater to many distinguished individuals such as: presidents and their administrators, governors and mayors, Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Streisand and Peter Frampton to name a few. He also had the rare opportunity to cater the 2002 Winter Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, and NBC media headquarters.

In 2008 he and his family moved to Saint George where he offered his culinary expertise to Haven Restaurant, and became Executive Chef. Haven, a fine dining restaurant, was known for gourmet American cuisine, concert nights, and wedding receptions. Now he spends his time hand-crafting and preparing delicious and nutritious meals for the guests at Movara. In his free time he enjoys concerts, the outdoors, spending time with his family, and furthering his pursuit of knowledge.

Glen Kelsch



Glen is the perfect fit for the Human Resources Manager.  His 40 years in management allows him to know just what to look for in recruiting, coaching employees, and reviewing company procedures.

His 7 years with the Army 19th Special Forces jumping out of airplanes may not directly relate to his HR responsibilities, but it sure is cool to hear the stories. Glen is upbeat, positive, and a jokester, and loves to give back to the community. Glen has worked in the scouting program for over 39 years, served as scoutmaster twice, and was the recipient of the Silver Beaver Award, a distinguished honor for those that have made an impact on the lives of youth.

The Utah native keeps active with routine workouts at The Resort, including periodic hikes with the guests. Glen loves all types of sports, especially baseball, and maintains his youthful spirit by keeping up with 23 grandchildren! Glen and his wife Sherrie have been married for 44 years.

Cody Pickett


Cody-PickettIn 2003, Cody started working for The Resort as a hike guide, leading guests on daily excursions through the majestic desert landscape. Cody previously managed the Spa and Retail Shop and is now the Executive Assistant for the Ivins Resort.

Cody keeps active and loves outdoor sports. He enjoys hiking, trail running, biking, ultimate frisbee, and has completed the St. George Marathon five times. Over the years, he has seen countless guest transformations and finds their personal achievement remarkable.

Cody loves to see guests return healthy, happy, and ready for another jump start.

Cliff Tapusoa


Cliff-gymBefore coming to Movara, Cliff worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor for 20 years. Transitioning from the treatment industry into the fitness industry wasn’t hard, as his personal journey has moved him toward fitness as well. Cliff’s fitness journey has helped him see that many struggle with similar issues as he does.The turning point for Cliff occurred in August 2010. Cliff awoke in the E.R. to find himself with wires attached to his body and doctors running tests on his heart. Cliff realized he needed to change. Family is the most important aspect of Cliff’s life, and from that moment on, he worked to regain his health and spend more time with them.

In September 2010, Cliff was invited to attend a Zumba Class. Even though he was out of shape, he had a great time. After class, Cliff was encouraged to be an instructor and in December 2010, he became licensed to teach Zumba and group fitness classes. Cliff has been a dancer for most of his life as he used to Break Dance to Polynesian Dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Cliff’s favorite part about working at Movara is witnessing people change their lives and being a small part of their journey is inspiring. Cliff loves to exercise, hike, play football, rugby, basketball, and he really loves the beach! Cliff says that the real success in his life is his wife and five children. For him, they are his motivation for becoming better and better each day.

Movara Founders & Origins

In 2002, Cameron and Michelle Kelsch combined their passion for fitness and aspiration to help others find happiness through healthy eating and exercise and launched a small company in St. George, Utah. Little did they know that they planted a seed that would soon grow and blossom into a life-changing organization for thousands. Their business boomed, and so in 2007, they began construction of a more secluded resort in Ivins, Utah with all of the perfect fitness resort amenities they needed to not only be a successful company, but to enable their guests to succeed as well. The resort has helped over 30,000 guests thus far and continues to do so through motivating and encouraging people to make positive changes to their bodies and lives through health, exercise and total body wellness.