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“I broke through all of my barriers. This week truly was TRANSFORMATIONAL! Movara changed my life IN JUST ONE WEEK” Annie

Best weight loss program - Movara Fitness ResortDuring your stay with us, you will be challenged both mentally and physically. Our certified trainers will inspire you to draw from all your inner strength during the group workouts. These highly motivating professionals will bring out everything you thought you had to give and then take you so much further. Although challenging and physically demanding, our bootcamp is also very fulfilling, helping you find that your capabilities exceed your greatest expectations. With this knowledge comes power. We are the best weight loss program because we believe in empowering you to believe in your own body and its abilities. The greatest part is that when you leave our weight loss resort, you will take this with you and it will be there for you to draw on for the rest of your life.

Your daily routine also includes stretching and relaxation sessions which are instrumental in keeping you mentally and physically up to the challenges ahead. Our fitness regimen is designed to build muscle, burn fat, increase flexibility and agility, and finally to boost your self confidence. You will be introduced to a variety of new activities that are both fun and rewarding.

At the pinnacle of what our weight loss program, your daily routine will include a morning hike or kayaking. You will hike through scenery as memorable as the results they achieve, led by our professionally trained hiking guides. Each hike offers not only its own particular challenges, but sights that are as varied as our extensive menu of services and classes. We are the best weight loss program on all fronts and the results you will experience will speak for themselves. Begin your journey with us to transform your life…Reserve today!

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Book your stay during the month of December and save up to $200 per week! Enjoy invigorating hikes, fitness classes, special lectures and additional team-building activities that will help you feel fit just in time for the fall!

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