Obesity Trends

Here is a website that shows in color graphics the trends in overweight and obesity. Pay attention as the colors change and also note the percentages of obesity in each state. Looking at this, you can’t deny we have a problem. And although we come in all different shapes and sizes dependent upon our genetics, there is no way that genetics is the only variable. Our environment HAS to be the culprit for such a drastic change in the past two decades. So where do we start with changing this trend? Changing our environment. Policies in work places, schools, restaurants and government must change.
But we don’t have much control over that. What you can control is YOUR environment because you will only be as successful as your environment allows you to be. Planning ahead, not buying “junk food”, having a gym membership or maybe some exercise equipment on home, eating slowly, getting rid of distractions and watching portions are just some ideas. Click here for a previous blog post for more.
What do you think of that map? What are steps you are taking to make your environment healthier?
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD