New York - Fitness Getaway in UtahNew York, It’s Time To Get Serious About Health and Relaxation

A contemporary concern among many people in New York is their health, specifically how much they currently weigh and the amount of stress they endure.  Exercise programs, dietary restrictions, and elective medical procedures –  while all beneficial and provide results, aren’t necessarily for everyone because of time, costs, and methods/procedures involved for such an achievement.

But what if there was another way to lose those “little extra pounds” and have the celebrity body you see on the cover of magazines while standing in the checkout line?

Our weight loss clinic getaway is a great method for someone in New York to do this, not only because of what is involved on your part, but particularly because of one major difference among those listed above: taking place in an environment surrounded by beauty, encouragement, and motivation.  Movara Fitness Resort is such a place located in Ivins, Utah where you are surrounded by some of this country’s most incredible scenery in a location where you know you will be supported physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

This isn’t one of those “fat camps” you may have heard about when you were a kid and isn’t a place out of the middle of nowhere tucked away in the woods.  The amenities here are akin to a resort because that is what this is…an outdoor swimming pool, hiking trails, a weight room, basketball courts, and healthy meals to sustain you while you do these activities. To balance out your stay, you can receive a calming massage, be educated on nutrition, and visit our salon to complete your restoration and transformation into the new “you.”

There’s no need to stress yourself by choosing the perfect program or diet for you. Our program will have you returning to New York a new healthier person.  You can read more about our fitness resort here. You can also make accommodations at our weight loss clinic by making reservations here, or calling us directly at (888) 870-2639.  Don’t delay, contact us today and experience the relaxation and health you deserve!

Need A Getaway That Will Remove Your Stress?