New Snack Finds

A few days ago, I wandered into a small sandwich shop in Malibu for lunch and happened upon some awesome high volume snacks! Heading to the movie theater this weekend? Going to need some high volume, low calorie snacks to get you through a long Friday work day? Here are some new ideas…please let us know if you have any more!

Plum Organics Tots Fruity Fingerfuls : A big bag of bite sized organic freeze-dried fruit and corn and brown rice grain pieces (okay for the gluten-free!)There are five servings in each bag, but each serving weighs in at only fifteen calories and one gram of sugar! Yummy snack for the whole family!

Seasnax and Green Chopsticks brands of roasted seaweed chips: I know I have mentioned before how roasted seaweed can be a great savory snack for late night snacking. That said, the original flavor can leave people wanting more flavor…these two brands now give us that! Green chopsticks has a spicy flavor made with chili pepper powder and a bit of sea salt that is sixty calories for the whole bag and less than 200 mg of sodium. My personal favorite comes from the Seasnax brand – Toasty onion flavor! These come in a smaller package, but have more crunch with even less calories at about fifteen per container!

Bare Fruit 100% Organic Fugi Apple Chips: There is something about the Fugi apple flavor that makes these bake-dried chips extra sweet and delicious. A great crunchy snack without added sugars that can really satisfy both a sweet tooth craving and give you volume. There are six servings per large bag, but each is only about thirty calories – adding up to 180 calories per whole bag! When you look below the nutrition facts panel to check out the ingredients all you will find listed is organic apples, doesn’t get much better than that!

SnackMasters Natural Salmon Jerky:For all of you beef jerky lovers out there who want some more volume and a new flavor, this one’s for you! Sliced from fillets of wild Alaskan salmon, this big bag of jerky has just two servings per container at eighty calories and 320 mg sodium each. Each serving also packs in some awesome protein with sixteen grams!


Steaz Raspberry Sparkling Green Tea: This is a great soda pop substitute for the sunny days of summer! A sweet and still fizzy drink sweetened from stevia extract making it a calorie-free option as well.

Coconut Dream unsweetened coconut drink: When you feel like taking a break from the almond milk, give this other lactose-free option a try. Has a light coconut essence to make it a delicious additive to cereals or smoothies and falls at only sixty calories per cup, one gram of carbohydrate.

Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!