New! lifestyle Cooking with Corey

Meet Corey Goodman Allred, our new Lifestyle Cooking Instructor!


Corey is our latest addition to the Movara team, and so far she has fit right in! She is currently teaching a new, additional lecture and cooking demo called Lifestyle Cooking with Corey – a class about easy ways to prepare vegetables and cooking healthy foods at home.


Corey is a busy mom who has always loved preparing and eating food. She first started cooking healthier about four years ago when her son started participating in a program called brain balance and suddenly her ingredient list became very different. She quickly learned how to make vegetables stand out as a main staple in their diet both nutritionally and flavor-wise. She found different ways to prepare healthy meals that also taste really good so that her and her son received the nutrition they needed and could enjoy what they were eating!


Corey then began working with the staff at brain balance on creating some recipes that would help families like hers who were also in the program. She realized there were many people who shared her love for food, so she started making healthy versions of some of their favorite dishes to feed their families. Before long, she found herself teaching other health-minded individuals. She also teamed up with a nutritionist to create balanced, delicious and simple recipes for busy professionals and parents to try.  


Corey also has tons of knowledge about food-prep and how to make cooking healthy meals for each day of the week super easy and fun! Guests have been raving about her class, saying that it has really helped them eat and cook healthier at home. Just a few weeks after her first meal prep class, she received a message from a guest saying how wonderful it was.


“Hi Corey! I attended your prep class at Movara about three weeks ago, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me think differently in the kitchen. Thank you. Everyone should attend your class!”



So the next time you are at Movara, be sure to sign-up for Lifestyle Cooking with Corey!