New Labeling System?

As you all know, reading nutrition labels and ingredient lists is kind of a joke these days. We have a lot of room for improvement, and thanks the Center of Science in the Public Interest, we might just get there. Below is a link to a great article that summarizes their proposed changes:


Be sure to click on the image of the food label and you will see the proposed changes. What do you think?
I think all the changes are an improvement. I especially like
  • Larger font on serving size and calories.
  • All type of sugar used listed under one heading as “sugar”
  • Lower case type of ingredients
  • Bullet format for ingredient list
  • Different font colors
While I hope we see some significant changes to our labeling system, for now we have to make do with what we have. Click here for a summary of what to look for.
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD