Movara Welcomes Margie Krueger for a Second Chance at Life!

Introducing, Movara Guest, Margie Krueger’s Weightloss Journeymargie-fitness-ridge

Movara in Southern Utah is pleased to announce that Margie Kruger has been selected as the 2013 survey winner and has been awarded the opportunity of a lifetime. She will receive a complimentary four-week stay at the award winning Movara Resort in Southern Utah ? An all-inclusive health fitness resort one of the most affordable, calorie-controlled, structured programs in the weight-loss spa industry. Designed to give lasting results, Margie will experience a boot-camp style program that features incredible hiking, stimulating cardio and stretch classes, low-calorie spa cuisine, and practical education on how to live a “Biggest Loser” lifestyle.  Over the four week period Margie will also receive personal cooking lessons from our Chef, personal training sessions with our premier fitness staff, and counseling sessions from our skilled life coach.

Throughout the course of her life Margie gained weight until she reached her highest weight of 400 pounds. She has been on every possible fad diet without ever succeeding in losing the weight. In 2006 she started to make positive changes and was successful in losing 200 pounds.  

In 2009 she decided to have skin removal surgery in order to round off the change in her life. The doctor threw her a curveball when he told her that she was still too overweight to be eligible for the surgery. That day was a terrible day for Margie. She lost hope, her weight once again spiraled out of control, and she gained 75 pounds in one year followed by an additional 75 pounds shortly thereafter. ?That was a dark time of my life. I was no longer in control,? Margie remembers.

In 2011 Margie again found herself searching for the answer to her weight issue. She began researching weight-loss resorts and found Movara in Southern Utah.  She instantly felt a connection and immediately booked a three month stay. Through hard work, sweat, tears, new friendships, and overcoming self-doubt she was able to succeed in losing 50 pounds. 

Now Margie has been given the opportunity to achieve the goals she set for herself nine years ago. With more at stake than ever ? having been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, kidney problems, gout, and most recently diabetes ? Margie said, ?I have to do this. I don’t have any more chances. I am fighting hard to stay alive. Not just to be alive, but to be healthy, well, caring, loving, and loving my life.?


Most of all Margie is ready to make the change so that she can be there for her family now, and in the future ? in ways that she has never been able to. One of the things she hopes to accomplish during her stay is to lose enough weight to go on the Dumbo ride at Disneyland with her granddaughter Colette ? something that her grandchild has always wanted but Margie has missed out on due to her weight.