Movara Top Smartphone Apps for Health & Fitness

Smartphones.  These days, just about everyone has one.  What makes smartphones so fantastic are the variety of applications available for download that provide access to information at the touch of your fingertip.  Some apps can really make life easy.  Suri on the other hand, she’s debatable.

For those of you with iPhones, Androids or BlackBerries, here is a list of some of our favorite health, fitness and exercise apps.

***Please note: not all apps listed below are available on Android or BlackBerry smartphones.

We recommend this app for anyone that suffers from food allergies. With this app you can:
~Get alerts you if the product you are scanning contains any
potential allergens or allergen derivatives.
~Scan any product and get an easy to read, searchable list of
ingredients information instantly.
~Personalize MyFoodFacts to your specific food allergens.
Similar app to MyFoodFacts. For those with food allergies.
This app uses your GPS to track your outdoor workouts. Once you start the app, it tracks your time, distance, pace, speed, elevation and more.
~Real-time tracking & an interactive map so you can see where you’ve been.
~The ability to view your workout history online.
~Manually enter workout information for other cardio or strength training
~Tweet your workouts to friends on Twitter.
~Voice feedback on things like distance, pace or speed.
The company also offers apps for running, cycling and walking.

Tap & Track (Calorie Counter)
Tap & Track offers tons of features for people who want to track everything from food calories to exercise.  They offer an extensive food database with 300,000 food items and 700 restaurants, while the workout database has over 180 exercises. This app is that it works offline, so you don’t need an internet connection to search the food database, and it also allows you to add foods and build your own recipes. With this app, you can:

~Track calories eaten.
~Track calories burned.
~Track carbs, protein, fat, fiber, sodium, sugar and more.
~Set diet plans and weight loss goals.

Tracks glucose readings you enter four times a day, as well as food consumed, exercise, and medication. You can set alarms to remind you to take the glucose readings.
Improve your performance with one of the world’s most popular running apps.  Track your pace and route with the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer, even pinpoint where you slowed down and sped up.

Cyclemeter GPS

Go faster and farther by monitoring the time, location, distance, elevation and speed of your rides.  This full-featured GPS tracker helps you compete against yourself or other riders.

Achieve your fitness goals by eating and exercising smarter.  Watch your calorie intake with a database of over 350,000 foods and find the perfect workout with detailed exercise videos.

Over 300,000 great trails and now in your pocket.  Search by proximity with your phones GPS or by activity to find the best route for your next hike, bike ride or climb.
Eat better with over 175 healthy recipes right on your phone.  Helpful videos show how to prepare nutritious meals, including 35 delicious dishes that contain less than 200 calories.

Heart Wise

Let’s you enter your blood pressure readings along with your pulse and weight. The app will calculate your average arterial pressure and generate graphs showing fluctuations over time.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock 

Finds the best time during a chosen 30-minute period to wake you. You place your phone on a corner of your mattress, secure it under a contour sheet, and allow it to “observe” you for a few nights. Using its built-in motion sensor, the phone gets to know your sleep patterns well enough to find the best moment to wake you.

Pocket First Aid & CPR

From the American Heart Association, offers detailed instructions for assisting accident victims and those who fall ill, including video instructions for performing procedures like CPR or using a cardiac defibrillator. Some of the instructions are too lengthy and intricate to be first used during a crisis, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the content first.


Mosquito Buster 

An extremely simple app that lets you use your phone to replace standard mosquito repellants such as sprays and candles. Turn on the app, and your phone will emit a high-frequency pitch that is inaudible to humans but drives mosquitoes crazy enough to stay away. Solution to mosquito-borne diseases?


Meal Snap

Makes calorie-counting easy and somewhat magical. Use your phone to snap a picture of any food or drink, and the system will automatically identify and provide the estimated caloric breakdown of your meal. Food tracking has never been easier.


Have we left out any apps that you favor for nutrition and exercise use?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you and we hope you get the opportunity to enjoy some of these apps on your smartphone!

Cheers to health in life,