Movara Tips for Keeping Your Commitments Throughout the Holidays

to-do-list-todayOne of the struggles with emotional health is taking on too many responsibilities or making promises we cannot keep.
Some thoughts or beliefs that feed this unhealthy responsibility are ideas such as: do not trust others to get things done, ?I?m helping others, so it?s ok that I neglect myself,? others will not like me if I do not say ?yes?, or I?ll take care of me ?next? time. These type of beliefs lead us to take care of others needs before our own, or take on too many responsibilities, which leads to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion.

During the holidays be careful about taking on too many responsibilities or in making promises to others at your detriment. It is possible to keep commitment to others and to yourself.

Tips for Making & Keeping Commitments:
  • Use what is already working for you, and ask others how they get things done.
  • Use the ?do anything? rule, start somewhere and accomplish it.
  • Plan a reward for completing a commitment.
  • Tell people about what you are doing (helps to avoid temptations to eat goodies, if they are not presented to you).
  • Make small, concrete commitments (sometimes people make too many commitments and try to do too much, then feel bad that they cannot do it all).
  • Each day is a new day. Don?t beat yourself up at the end of the day, start over the next morning (which also fits with physical health and wellness goals).
  • A ?good? plan today is better then the ?perfect? plan tomorrow.
  • Ask someone to go with you (to an appointment, to they gym, to get coffee so you are more accountable to yourself to not give in to temptation (ex: a donut with coffee).
  • See things as a ?puzzle?, interesting and exciting to ?complete?.
  • Keep a list of commitments and times in one place, so you can review it (cell phone, day planner, on the fridge).
  • Create motivational pictures, quotes, or past ?thank you? letters to keep you motivated to complete commitments.

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!