You are currently viewing Movara plant-based vs. nutrient-dense menu study. Which diet yields more health benefits?

Movara plant-based vs. nutrient-dense menu study. Which diet yields more health benefits?

Do you think you would get healthier and feel better if you ate less meat and dairy? Have you ever wondered if you could switch to a fully plant-based diet? And if you did, how you might measure the change in your body?

At Movara, we strive to give our guests a variety of nutrition and fitness tools and opportunities to achieve their health goals. For this reason, we have begun conducting a small guest study that will compare the health benefits and results of an all plant-based diet vs. our typical nutrient-dense Movara menu. Our current menu accommodates a variety of food preferences – such as Vegetarian (with limited dairy), Vegan (Plant-based) and Gluten-free – but like many of you, we wonder if your results at Movara would be different if you opted for our fully plant-based menu. You can choose our plant-based menu for any of your meals during your stay with us but if you’re interested in an extended stay – and don’t mind which menu you follow – why not participate in the new study?

To qualify for this study, you would need to stay with us for minimum of 3 consecutive weeks and commit to full program participation. We’ll randomly assign participants to one of two* groups:

  • GROUP A will be “Plant Based.” Guests in this group will follow an all plant-based diet – free of meat and all other animal by-products – while still being complete with delicious nutrient-dense foods and essential proteins.
  • GROUP B will enjoy the “Current Movara Menu.” This group will follow our current diet consisting of those same nutrient-dense foods while still incorporating meat and dairy.

Both groups will follow the same daily schedule and fitness routine as well as undergo the same initial and end-of-stay assessment including: An InBody test (full body composition analysis); Weigh Ins; Body Measurements; and Full Blood Panels (a $350 value at no additional cost)

We are offering a special rate for guests who participate in the study which includes a 3-week all-inclusive resort stay with a private room [$5985 (Regularly $7485)] and a $300 resort credit.

Interested? Study space is limited so call 1-888-870-2639 or email our Reservations team for shared room rates and availability.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

*All guests can opt into the Vegan/plant-based menu and book to undergo the full blood panel (at their cost) but their results will be assigned to a third study group.