Movara Nutrition Philosophy and Meal Plan Description

A common question we receive is what to expect from our meal plan.  We would like to take the opportunity to explain our nutrition philosophy and meal plan structure.


Our nutrition philosophy hinges on the principles of nutrient density vs calorie density. While at the resort, you will learn how to feel full and satisfied while also losing weight. By emphasizing foods high in volume due to fiber and water content, you will feed your body with essential nutrition to heal, repair, energize and fuel your life. We base our meals around fruits, vegetables, whole intact grains and beans for volume and nutrient density while adding lean proteins, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats for garnish, flavor enhancers and texture. We invite you to do the same at home and look forward to showing you how!


Our meal plan is a baseline of 1200 calories, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. That is not, however, a recommenation to only consume 1200 calories (here or at home).  We do encourage that you start to practice intuitive eating by way of paying attention to your hunger and fullness levels. Listen to YOUR body and feel free to add extra bulk, volume and nutrition to your meals by way of the salad bar (vegetables, beans, egg whites, dressings, prepared salads, etc) and fruit. You can also choose to take the snack option or opt out, depending on your hunger.  While we know you appreciate the controlled food environment, we also know that trusting yourself is also essential to meeting long term goals. Please take the time during your stay to experiment with what it means for you to feel hungry and full.  Lastly, please note that weight loss results are NOT better with less calories.  You’ll get the best results from fueling your body adequately, consisently and regularly.

Ways to increase/decrease calories and food volume:

  • Start your meal with a trip to the salad bar. Including beans and egg whites will add more protein and calories for those that feel they need it.
  • Ask for extra cooked vegetables and fruit with meals. These are unlimited but need to be asked for to avoid waste.
  • If you feel you need extra food, you can add an extra ½ serving of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. We encourage you to experiment with what time of day you feel you need the extra fuel, while avoiding taking food you don?t feel you will need. You may need it at all 3 meals some days and less meals, if any, other days. Be mindful of hunger and fullness levels; this will be great practice for you as described above. However, before deciding to add extra to meals, please take a day or two to try the program as it is.
  • If you do start with a salad and are full before the meal is finished, don’t feel as though you need to finish all your food. You can pack up the extra and take it for later (can use it as a snack, replacing the snack option). You may also wish to go back to the salad bar if you find yourself still hungry after the meal.
  • It may be wise to experiment the first day of your stay with the basic meal plan. If you find yourself still hungry, please utilize the salad bar, fruit and extra vegetables at meals.
  • Any additional food bought or brought onto the premises is not advised. We encourage you to trust the meal plan, as it has been designed with you in mind!
  • Finally, please note: we do NOT recommend eating any less than 1200 calories (and recommend eating more than that for most of our guests).

We are sure you will find the meal plan physiologically and psychologically satisfying, the importance of which we can’t emphasize enough! Feeling full and satisfied from your meals is your solution, not your problem.  Not feeling full and satisfied from your meals is what leads to problematic behaviors.  As you eat delicious, well-balanced meals regularly throughout the day, we know you will FEEL the difference!


In regards to hydration, please drink to thirst. We have no obligatory number of water intake to reach per day, as this can be different for everyone. As it is possible to over-hydrate and dilute your body?s electrolytes, we refrain from pushing you beyond you?re your natural thirst. You will be exercising intensely and you?re likely to be driven to drinking enough water as a result. Due to sweat losses, possible dehydration and the possibility of over-hydrating, electrolyte supplements are available. Electrolytes are likely to be replaced with meals, but if you find yourself with symptoms of dehydration (extreme thirst, nausea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, little urine output, etc) please be sure to tell a trainer or nutritionist. It is likely that an electrolyte supplement will help.


During your stay, we desire to bring your body into a normal homeostasis free of supplements, processed foods, unnecessary stress, erratic schedules and stimulants which interfere with your natural ability to self-regulate healthy behaviors. It is very possible to override natural sleep and energy patterns with caffeine and the like. Also, many individuals may have nutritional deficiencies and are using caffeine as a crutch. For this reason, there is no caffeine served during your stay. If you relied heavily on it prior to your stay, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. If so, be gentle and patient with your body. Drinking certain beverages is usually born out of habit. Because there is no replacement for water, we hope you find a new habit this week of hydrating with water. When you return home, you may wish to resume drinking coffee, and we recommend keeping that to 12 oz or less a day to avoid over consumption of caffeine. If you do add dairy or non-dairy creamers or sweeteners, watch the amount as they can add up easily.

And most importantly…

At the Resort, we aim to maintain a safe environment for all guests and this includes the food environment.  We would ask for your help by not making comments about other guest’s meal selections, addition of extra food or opting to leave food on the plate when no longer hungry.  Our hope is that each guest will start to connect with their own intuitive sense of hunger, fullness and satisfaction; a tool that will allow you to be successful long term.  This will be difficult to do if others are making comments which may lead to second guessing decisions.  If you have concerns, please keep them private and speak with one of our nutrition professionals who can trouble shoot any potential issues.  We thank you for your help in this matter.

We hope that answers any questions!