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The Movara Model: Motivation

The second your alarm goes off, you begin chanting that motivational speech in your head. This is the day you’re going to start being healthy. You are going to wave your Ziploc bag of strawberries at the office vending machine as you walk right passed. You are going on that two mile run after work, and you’ll even sneak in a few practical squats during the day, like when you drop your phone or have to plug in the internet cable that always falls out.

Of course, you end up pushing “snooze” one too many times and have to rush out the door, forgetting the strawberries on the counter. The internet is for some reason working, and quite mysteriously, you don’t drop your phone even once. You tell yourself you’ll make up for all these missed opportunities during the run, but when you get home and take off your shoes, you can’t imagine putting another pair back on. Besides, you didn’t eat healthy today anyway. You may as well just start tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

Small distractions surround us every day, and once you start giving them the bulk of your attention, it’s easy to lose focus and feel unmotivated. When your motivation dims, it’s difficult to find it again. The longer you wait for it to rekindle, the more it seems to shrink. Choosing a salad over a hamburger or willingly exercising after work instead of relaxing can seem completely out of reach.

If that’s where you are right now, don’t be discouraged. We’ve all been there, and it isn’t as hard to get back on track as you think. All your mind and body need to get started again is a week of eating healthy food, staying active, and getting plenty of sleep.

At Movara, we provide a safe, instructive location free of normal daily distractions to do just that. We will teach you how to find motivation through discovering your passions (who ever said working out and eating healthy had to be miserable all the time?), and you’ll probably find you enjoy this lifestyle much more than you realized. By the end of your stay, keeping active will feel more like a pastime than a chore.

Now don’t get ahead of yourself. We already know what you are thinking. This lifestyle is easy to keep up when you’re away from home, but when you get back, you’re worried everything you learned will slowly collapse around you.

We understand everything is harder at home, and it’s not our intention to leave you stranded. While you’re with us, we’ll teach you how to set up internal and external motivators so you aren’t tempted to slip back into old, unhealthy habits.

Movara will help you rediscover your focus so you can keep going even when your body doesn’t want to move. You may even look forward to the next time you can put on those workout shoes. To learn more about Movara or to book your next stay, please contact us!

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