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Movara Model: The Emotional Connection

Sometimes people can’t find a fit. They try multiple gyms, buy some workout videos, go out running on their own, or sign up for workout classes, but nothing ever sticks. They, for reasons they don’t understand, can’t find an exercise routine that works for them.

Perhaps it’s not the exercise that’s the problem.

Emotional connection isn’t a term people usually think of when they picture a fitness resort. They picture things like sweat and vegetables and maybe a spa or two. That’s why many of our guests don’t expect to work on any emotional topics during their stay.

However, sometimes these emotional topics are exactly the area people need results. A lot of people don’t realize they harbor emotional barriers that inhibit them from seeing progress in their healthy lifestyles.

If you have ever felt lost or frustrated in your fitness goals, you may have a road block of your own. By the time they come stay with us, some of our guests have completely lost their personal drive and don’t even know who they are anymore.

Movara helps you break those barriers and find your personal goals again. Sometimes guest are stuck living through a past trauma or are struggling through a current difficult circumstance. Whatever you are going through, we help you address the problem in a constructive and healthy way, enabling you to leave memories in the past and move forward.

We consider emotionally reconnecting with yourself one of the most important parts of your journey, so we provide opportunities to meet and connect with others who have similar desires to put their health first. This likeminded community will support you as you continue to learn and grow toward your health goals.

Confronting internal road blocks helps you notice how you can improve your fitness life. Breaking these barriers will allow you to freely exercise, live healthy, and see the results you have always wanted to reach. Our desire is for you to believe in yourself and your body, and our greatest satisfaction is seeing one of our guests reach the point where they are no longer held back by their circumstances.

We will help you reconnect with yourself emotionally so you can discover your passions and stay active. You can leave your exercise guesswork behind you!

The reason you aren't sticking with exercise...