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The Movara Model: Creating and Resetting Habits

Habits are funny things. The bad ones seem impossible to break, but you can break a good habit if you just think about it wrong. On the other hand, starting a good habit takes a lot of very intentional work, but falling into a bad habit is mindless and easy.

At least, it always feels that way, doesn’t it?

Good habits are essential to healthy living, things like eating right and staying active, and if you don’t have these good habits securely in place, you can feel as though you’re floundering in your workouts. Maybe your eating isn’t consistent. One day you eat lettuce wraps and blueberries, and the next your back to eating onion rings and ice cream.

We’ve all struggled to make good habits. In fact, maybe you had good habits once upon a time but lost them when your work picked up or your free time went to family. You know the habits you need to stay healthy, but for some reason, you just can’t start them again.

Life always manages to get in the way. It is unpredictable, which is why we place a heavy focus on educating and demonstrating how to create good habits. When you stay with us at Movara, we will show you how to realistically live with healthy habits. If you have never had any fitness or nutritional habits before, we can teach you what those habits include and help you fit them into your daily routine.

Many of our guest have never had a proper sleeping schedule, a consistent exercise routine, or healthy eating habits, and they visit us hoping to change this. Our fitness program involves sleeping, exercising, and eating right, so you start building your habits the moment you arrive. However, to ensure these habits stick with you even after you leave, we will teach you how to fit these habits around work, family, or school. We don’t want you to just make good habits, we want you to hold onto them wherever you go.

When you build strong eating and exercise habits, you’ll no longer feel like you’re always running uphill. This doesn’t mean you have to workout every day, but on the days you do go to the gym or take a run, changing into workout clothes and getting out the door won’t be a battle.

Good exercise and nutritional habits are important because they keep your body used to your fitness schedule. A tired body won’t make you unmotivated to stay active. Instead, your body will find the exercise familiar and won’t hold you back. If the normal distractions of life throw you off course for a moment or two, your habits will ensure you find a way to work around them.

We make sure the habits you take away from your stay at Movara are habits that won’t break easily!