We offer a class here at Movara Utah called ‘Mountain’. It’s a cardio class that involves an increase in effort every 3-5 minutes (depending on the instructor and the day) for 45 minutes.

I personally came up with this class for days when I didn’t really feel like working out. You know those days….you make it to the gym but are completely unmotivated to do your full-on cardio workout? Well – for those days I do ‘mountain’. This way I have a nice long warm up (which I need sometimes) before getting into the tougher stuff.

Many times I would find that if I just gave myself longer to warm up I would eventually get into my workout and at least finish it (I might even enjoy it – but lets not get crazy…)

Without fail – by the end of any workout – I am always happy that I did it. Even if it was a crappy workout – I at least did it. I at least burned my workout calories; at least I exercised my heart and muscles and gave my brain a break from thinking about my daily duties.

And that is always a good thing.

The bottom line is to simply exercise – it doesn’t always have to be the hardest workout – you don’t always have to burn your predetermined amount of calories – but you do need to move your body.