What do you think of when you hear the word “mountain”? I used to think of the big, beautiful mountains full of color and adventure that surrounded my home in Northern Utah. My ears would perk at the word because I do so love to be in the mountains. After my experience at Movara my thoughts go to something TOTALLY different. Something that isn’t so much full of color and adventure, but challenge and accomplishment.

Mountain is a class at Movara that, in my personal opinion, can easily be the most challenging class offered. But for me it is also the class where I have grown the most. Every time I take it I question whether or not I can make it to the top. I think of reasons, or rather excuses, to stop my machine and get off. But I don’t stop and when I make it to the top, I feel SO accomplished!

Meet my awesome friend, Monish. We push each other to the top of the mountain during this class and it is a great feeling when we get there!

Thanks Monish! I will see you in Mountain next week and I expect it to be even harder than this week. Uuugh!! But so worth it!