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Motivation – Where does it come from?

“Staying Motivated..” Sigh. That’s a tough one. Well, we know that your motivation to work out and stay healthy can’t come from a “please-distract-me-from-what-I-am-doing-strategy”… it should come from that gut feeling, honest level of “I-am-doing-this-because-I-know-I-will-feel-better-after.”
When you don’t feel like working out, that inner voice has to speak and say, “feeling like working out isn’t part of the game – do it anyway”. Then you just do it because you know you will be happy you did after.
This can apply to doing an actual workout – or to sticking to your meal plan – or choosing NOT to eat that extra dessert/serving of healthy food/etc.
Now…with that said, if you need motivation in the actual workout area — I always go to the cardio interval class or something similar for when I am not really feeling the workout thing. These workouts begin easy — so you can warm up gradually – and then they get tough. Usually if you give yourself an extended warm-up you will come around to the workout. OR if you can – take a class at the gym that you really like – like hip/hop, spin, body pump, yoga, TRX, pretty much ANYTHING.
Regardless – your motivation has to be rooted in your belief that living a healthier, more balanced life will result in you being healthier and more balanced. BUT….you have to really want that. If you don’t really want to be healthier and more balanced…..then we have a completely different issue.

Hang in there – being balanced takes work….and if you think about it, being unbalanced takes work too.