Morning Hike

Two words: Movara. Two more words: Morning Hike. Another two words: Sore Legs. Last two words, I promise: Life Changing.

Watch This:

Ask a guest about their experience at Movara and I guarantee they’ll talk about the hikes. Raise your hand if you’ve never been to Movara before but have heard about “stop sign”? Well I can’t see you, but I will assume that a hand or two went up. The hikes are where people let go of fears and past beliefs about themselves. I have shed many tears, let out many “woohoo’s” at the tops of mountains, and received many answers about myself and life during the hikes.

Don’t tell me you are just not a hiker until you’ve tried it at Movara. I swear they put something in the water because I am able to achieve more on those hikes than I ever believed possible. And it leaks into my every day life. I believe I can do anything now! And if my body stops me, well my body stops me, but at least my mind doesn’t anymore! Who is in need of a good morning hike at Movara? Sign me up! I know I could use one today.