Mindful Eating

I have talked about this study in class when we talk about mindful eating and I wanted to attach a link here to an article that discusses it.  I think it is interesting to contrast the reasons that French stop eating with the reasons that Americans stop eating.
French stop eating when:
1.  The food no longer tastes good to them
2.  They are no longer hungry
3.  They are saving room for dessert
Americans stop eating when:
1.  They have cleaned their plate
2.  When everyone around them are done eating
3.  When their TV show is over
I hope that you will remember the hunger scale we talked about in class and keep it in mind as you begin eating, as you are eating and as you finish eating while being mindful about your hunger and fullness levels.  Knowledge is power! The average American faces over 200 food related decisions a day, and most of those are made mindlessly.  My hope is that you will be able to get through the steps we discussed in class to become a mindful eater (give up dieting, cutting emotional ties, make peace with food, listen to internal signals of what your body actually wants and needs, etc).  You are in control and my hope is that your relationship with food reflects your wishes for good health.
Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD