Microwave Cooking

Eating healthy isn’t convenient. However, microwaving can help with that. It is a quick way to cook vegetables, heat up leftovers or canned soups, or unthaw frozen entrees. Even so, there are many guests concerned about microwaving cooking. Maybe I can clear up some confusion.

Microwaves have many uses. Cooking is one, as well as radar and communication. They are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are not radioactive, but cause molecules in food to vibrate against each other and produce heat.
Direct exposure to high levels can be harmful. Microwave ovens are designed to contain energy to ensure safety. If, therefore, a microwave has damage to the door seal or hinges, it should not be used. Also, be sure to use microwave safe containers, and to be on the safe side, avoid heating plastic.
That said, if you can and have the time to steam your vegetables on the stove top or heat your potatoes in the oven, do so.
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD