Meet Our Amazing Guest Janet!

One of our recent guests, Janet sat down with us to explain what brought her to Movara and the wonderful experiences she had while here.

In July, Janet saw an article in the New York Times about retirees seeking a ways to have a healthy retirement and one of the locations that many retirees visit is Movara. At 72 years old, Janet is someone who has always strived to take good care of her body and she thought this would be a perfect getaway for emotional and physical self-care.

“I have always gone to spas and I often do spa vacations,” said Janet, “I think it is so important to take care of our bodies and minds.”

Janet was, however, a bit nervous about making the decision to come to Movara due to some back pain she had been experiencing. She believes, however, that an injury is no excuse to prevent someone from exercising at all and she strived to do the best she could.

She explained that the important thing to do is to truly know what you can and can’t physically do, but that being active and building strength is still a crucial part of being healthy. Janet was able to find both while she was at Movara!

“I was afraid that I wouldn’t know what to do or that I would injure myself but the staff here are so supportive and very aware of my needs,” said Janet, “I have found that being injured doesn’t mean you can’t workout. You just have to know your abilities and find the right people to help you, and I found that here.”

Janet actually ended up walking the West Canyon Hike, which is a smoother trail, but she accomplished the hike in just over an hour. By her third day, she was walking at least two hours every morning. She also found that by being more physically active, her back pain was greatly alleviated.

“I am supposed to have medical treatments for my back pain when I go home, but I am feeling so good now, I want to check with my doctor and see if I don’t have to anymore.”

Thanks to the help of our nutrition staff and life-coach, Janet was able to set some realistic goals for herself. Janet says that her goal is to keep moving, become stronger and try to alleviate her back pain. She was extremely pleased with her experience at Movara and she says she will be leaving with tons of great, new knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

“I feel like I have been on some kind of diet all my life. I could never find a happy medium before coming here and that has made such a huge impact on me.”

One thing Janet made sure we shared with future guests was to really encourage them about taking advantage of all of the spa services we offer.

“I worked out more than I ever thought I could, but when you are here, you just can’t work out like this without taking advantage of some spa treatments. There are so many benefits to having massages and other treatments that are so good for you that it’s not a luxury, it’s an important part of being healthy and taking care of your body, your muscles and so forth.”

Our staff loved spending time with Janet, and we can’t wait to have her back soon.