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Meet Joan & David: Podcast

If you’ve been to Movara, you know that the people are the greatest asset here! Joan and Dave are the perfect examples of this. I have been watching this powerful couple come to Movara for the past 11.5 years and have always looked up to them. They are very fit people and model an active lifestyle at home. They are also kind, funny, genuine and never complain about anything. Some would look at them and wonder why they come to Movara. Often people have the attitude of being at Movara as a “punishment” for not being an ideal weight or feel like the goal would be to never “need” to come back. Joan and David have looked at their trips back to Movara differently. I was excited to interview them both. I knew they would have some great advice but it was even better than what I had hoped for. Their advice is solid and proven!

Some of the key points they mention are:

  • Include breakfast
  • Become AWARE of your choices
  • The Hunger Scale (click here to read about the Hunger Scale)
  • Get rid of processed food in the house and choose fresh as much as possible
  • The importance of powerful goals!

Joan shared the powerful example of moving forward in the face of adversity. I now have a really cool goal for my 60th birthday. I love that she started running marathons at 40. Most feel like they need to slow down at 40 (I was kind of hoping to! haha). What a great example of pushing forward. I am also excited to start adding Peanut Butter to my fruit smoothies and can’t wait to try Joans toasted PB and tomato sandwich. YUM!!! Listen to their podcast here….