Make Your Own Sushi

Craving sushi lately but want to know exactly what you are consuming? Make your own sushi tonight with the help of Annie Chun’s Brown Rice Sushi Wraps (found at Whole Foods and some other generalized grocery stores). This box provides the seaweed wraps and sticky brown rice for 150 calories for six rolls, 300 calories for the whole box.

Simply add to the layer of brown rice on top of the seaweed your vegetables of choice and a lean protein! Some delicious vegetables and proteins that work well in sushi wraps include the following…

*Wasabi arugula
*Shredded carrots
*Yellow and green bell peppers
*Trader Joe’s canned crab meat
*Wild salmon
*Kidney/pinto/garbanzo beans
*Ahi tuna
*Sliced cabbage or broccolini
*Crimini mushrooms
*Japanese eggplant
*Fresh avocado
*Cucumber slices
*Jicama wedges

Dip the sushi rolls in wasabi or ginger in place of soy sauce for controlled sodium levels!