Generally speaking, I don’t really like lunchmeat. Most are high in sodium, contain fillers and byproducts, and are processed with nitrates and nitrites. But I realize they are convenient so if you are willing to spend a little more money, you can control the quality of the product.

Specific brands I recommend are Boar’s Head, Applegate Farms, Nature’s Promise and Wellshire Farms. These will be 100% meat without the fillers and may have low sodium varieties which I would recommend if you can find. They are most likely be found at the deli counter rather than prepackaged on the shelf. Choose turkey, chicken, lean ham or even lean roast beef over pastrami, liverwurst, pepperoni, salami or bologna.
Following these recommendations may cost you extra money but try to offset that by choosing other proteins occasionally. Tuna, eggs, peanut butter, cheese, tofu and tempeh can make great sandwiches as well. Make sure you use whole grain bread, healthy condiments like avocado and mustard and loads of veggies such as onion, tomato, lettuce, cucumbers and pickles.
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD