Lose Weight with your eating, Gain Fitness with your exercise

In my year at Movara I have really learned the two following things:

1. If you are really wanting to lose weight you need to change your eating habits. In general terms this usually means you need to eat less; Smaller portions; Less (no) high calorie, low nutrition foods, less snacking (even healthy snacks have calories); fewer high calorie drinks such as soda and alcoholic beverages – you know what I am talking about here. We all know this. You can’t lose weight and keep it off without this component. You can work out and exercise 10 hours and day and negate those calories easily in 2 hours of eating and drinking. So, remember – Lose weight with your eating.

2. If you are really wanting to improve your fitness you need to exercise. I’m not talking about deciding that you are going to do a triathalon or a marathon….I’m talking about being fit enough to walk to the park with a friend or walk to dinner with your husband. When invited to do the Breast Cancer Fight Fitness Walk of 3 miles you can respond, “3 miles? Sure!”. I’m talking about being able to carry your own groceries up the stairs to your apartment – simple stuff like that. Fitness (Independence) is gained through exercise. Yes it will contribute to weight loss because you will be burning calories but again these calories can be negated in about 1/16 of the time it took you to burn them.

I’m here to simplify – and this is about as simple as it gets, “Lose weight with your eating. Gain fitness with your exercise”