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Lindsay – My Story

Hi! I’m Lindsay.

I Stayed at Movara for four weeks from the end of April through mid-May. I came to Movara because I was completely broken down. My quality of life was so far from what I wanted that I was feeling hopeless, ashamed, worthless, and overall miserable. I was angry at myself, I felt like I had drawn the short straw in life and nothing was going right. Simple everyday tasks were beginning to become too much for me to handle. Unless my daily task was to hang out in my pajamas watching Netflix and eating any easily accessible junk food I could find, I was not interested. I could feel myself pulling away and becoming isolated. My anxiety was reaching a point that I was getting physically sick. I was terrified to go out and socialize with others. I had lost all my confidence and I began to feel like I had no purpose anymore. This scared me and I knew I needed to make a change. Giving up was not an option, so Movara it was. It was a very challenging four-week stay, but it was also uplifting and relieving. I found energy I didn’t realize I even had. I discovered that I am stronger mentally and physically than I ever knew. I learned that I can push through my excuses. I learned that not wanting to do something and doing it anyway can make you feel exhilarated and motivated to continue. Best of all, I learned that I was toxic to myself and that I need to stop shaming myself or I cannot succeed. I have to find the good in myself every single day and push away the negativity that tries to seep in. I found my confidence again. I found my excitement for life again. I formed friendships with people from all over the world. Coming to Movara forced me to be me again and that felt good. It felt good to have the support of the staff, the trainers, the hiking guides, the guests at the resort, and of my husband and family back at home. I laughed my way through the hikes and through classes with many people. I got to hike to the top of Angels Landing in Zion with a new friend who had never hiked a mountain peak before. I faced my fears discovering a lava tube with others. I learned about many people while we chatted in the hot tub, on a walk, while building a puzzle, shooting hoops and playing badminton. I have so many memories that I can cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Movara for helping me rediscover the joy in life, in myself, and in others. Thank you for helping me to be me. Thank you for helping me find the confidence I needed to continue forward. I cannot wait to see the direction my life takes me. I know Movara will be with me and that it is a safe place I will always consider a home away from home.