Lights, Camera, Finale!

Tonight is the big night for all us Biggest Losers, as we tune in to watch the final three vie for $250,000 and title of “The Biggest Loser” Season 12.

In the season that’s promoting the Battle of the Ages, our final three contestants represent only two of the three age groups. Finalist Ramon represents the young 20’s group and finalists John & Antone represent the middle aged group, both in their 40’s. The one group out of the finals, and therefore excluded from winning the title of Biggest Loser, is the older group with individuals in their 50’s/60’s.

Which contestant will rise to the occasion and represent their age group as victorious? The winner could circle us back to the long standing question….”Does age really matter?”

And who will return to win the crown as the At-Home-Winner of $100,000.

Regardless of the outcome, these Biggest Losers have achieved major success and are all Big Winners in our book!

Tune in tonight to NBC at 9/8c to watch the live finale and get a sneak peak at Season 13. And be sure to follow The Biggest Loser Resort on Facebook and Twitter to join in on tonight’s conversation.

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