Kumquats: Nature’s Sweet and Sour Candy

A few weeks ago a friend of mine helped to expand my tastebud horizon by introducing me to a not so common citrus fruit, the kumquat. This small, round, baby orange like fruit is perfect to satisfy a tart but sweet candy need. They are actually very reminiscent of a Warhead hard candy! Each kumquat is only thirteen calories, with a whopping fourteen percent of your day’s worth of Vitamin C in just one small fruit! Next time you are looking for a little something different to serve for snack or next time you are having a sour gummy craving, try a bowl of kumquats (and don’t be afraid to eat the peel)!

Here are a few yummy recipes incorporating the kumquat fruit as well…

Kumquat Salad from Allrecipes (A good vegetarian meal, or if you want to have it as a side or a snack instead just modify the amount of cheese, nuts and oil in recipe)

Kumquat Tagine from Eating Well (A slow-cooked Moroccan stew recipe with kumquats for volume instead of a lot of couscous)

Kumquat Salsa from Simplyrecipes (New tangy twist on salsa, good solution for high flavor low calorie additive to lean proteins)

Jessica Hummel, Nutrition Counselor