Keeping in touch

Ok I hesitate doing this because this is my first post ever. If you like it I will do more 🙂 I am writing for a few reasons-one reason is to keep in touch with the thousands of guests we have come in contact with and two maybe I have something to say that could help others. i am one of the owners for those of you I haven’t met and for those of you I have met it’s me, Michelle. I just delivered our 5th child (a little girl). i have been fortunate to be able to spend my time at home now with our children. I miss teaching and being out at the spa but fortunately don’t think I am missed too much.

We have amazing trainers and teachers and Paige does such a good job as our program director. Anyway the purpose of this post is to again keep in touch but two to share in my weight loss experience. I hope to motivate others by sharing with you my calorie budget experience. I will be again (because this is baby #5) practicing what we preach out at the resort. We educate our guests on a calorie budget program at the beginning of the week to help guests understand what a realistic goal is and how to obtain it. so here goes mine-I hope this helps-let me know!

Here is what’s depressing-I gained 55lbs! and delivered a 7lb 10oz baby still after 11 days have 40lbs to lose. I know 15 lbs in 11 days is pretty good. I have done this before and know I can do it again with a lot of work and help from Cameron.

my current weight is 170lbs
goal weight is 130lbs

total calorie debt 3500 (calories in 1lbs) X 40 lbs (goal weight loss)=140,000cal.-i need to get rid of 140000 calories before I reach my goal!

My current income (amount of cal. allowed every day) base on current weight =1663 cal.
exercise (none this week-still trying to heal-i am walking a little) and I am nursing=500cal.
total income (current income + exercise)=2163
total expenses (the amount of calories I will be eating)=1500 calories(i want to make sure I have enough to nurse) I will go in more detail if people want to know
I will be saving 663 calories a day x 7days a week=4641calories weekly savings
so I should lose 1 1/2 lbs this week.

I hope this isn’t too confusing. If you have been here before, it should make sense. If not I would be happy to answer any questions.

Next week I will add a little more exercise still not intense. I will make a goal date once I can exercise hard. Today was the first day after 10 months of not stressing about calories that I stuck to my calories. I have a headache and am amazed at what I would have eaten. I had to stop myself several times. I had a friend bring me cupcakes and another friend offer me one of her brownies plus I still have a lot of food in the house that made it hard not to snack but I didn’t. Cam has also joined me. We are able to hold each other accountable. If I didn’t have to see him tonight I may have cheated! It is a little easier not being pregnant because I am always soo hungry when pregnant. Well here it goes-wish me luck! I will let you know how it goes next week.
I hope everyone is doing well and staying fit-I am loving the cooler weather-get out and enjoy it while it lasts!!!!