Kayaking at Movara

“Kayaking with the guides at Movara was so much fun! This is such a great way to burn calories and get plenty of Vitamin D!” Janet

Kayaking Above 1 of 1 - CopyAt Movara Fitness Resort we want to demonstrate a variety of ways that our guests can be active and healthy at home, and so we have included kayaking in our fitness program as an optional morning activity for a fun, yet tranquil workout. 

Kayaking is a great non-impact form of exercise that serves as an excellent calorie burn and is also lots of fun! Let our team of highly-trained guides take you out for a fun workout on the nearby lakes and reservoirs located in the foothills of the trademark red rock of southern Utah. Just minutes away from the resort, the calm waters are perfect for beginners but also exciting for experienced kayakers.

Feeling adventurous? Ask our guides about a private kayaking session or book a private session with the front desk.

Kayaking is seasonal from May 15 thru September 29