Kayaking at Movara

Hiking? Check. Biking? Check. Boot Camp and swim class? Double check. And now Movara is adding kayaking to the roster of fitness offerings. During the morning hours traditionally set aside for hiking, guests now have the option to kayak in the nearby lakes and reservoirs.

Carie Koch, hiking manager at Movara Fitness Resort, who is also a kayak enthusiast, says she is looking forward to the addition of another outdoor workout for their guests. 

“I’m very excited to offer kayaking to our guests! It’s a very relaxing experience while at the same time a good core and upper body workout,” she says.

While most guests can kayak safely with little to no experience, each guide that will be accompanying guests out on the water has obtained lifeguard certification to ensure a fun and safe experience for guests. The resort will also provide life jackets.

“We will give just a few simple instructions, help the guests to get in and out of the kayak if needed and lead them around the shoreline of calm water reservoirs in the area,” says Koch.

Robin Walden, Fitness Director and trainer at Movara, added that she is looking forward to a low-impact workout option for resort guests. 

“Kayaking can create an all-in-one cardio and total body strength workout,” says Walden. “Kayaking can help you tone through the core and legs as you paddle and work the upper body. Plus, all fitness levels can participate in this very fun low to non-impact form of exercise.”

In addition to kayaking, the fitness program at Movara is comprised of an educational lecture series, healthy chef-prepared meals, dozens of fitness classes, and hiking. Guests also learn how to modify exercises to prevent injury or more feasible for any fitness level. Walden says this is one reason she is excited about the new addition of kayaking, as it is a low-impact activity.

“Guests can give their feet and joints a break but still workout and burn calories,” says Walden. 

According to the American Council on Exercise, a person can burn between 283 and 454 calories per hour of kayaking depending on body type. 

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