I know I talked about some struggles I was facing in a post back in October after our first try at in vetro fertilization (IVF) failed, but I haven’t said much since. We recently went through our second round of IVF and received the negative results right before the holidays. Needless to say it has been emotionally trying and I have found myself in the same boat, having a hard time getting started again. Today things turned around.

When I got ready for work this morning I dressed in something that would allow me to work out. I do this all the time but I always seem to find an excuse that keeps me from starting up again and exercising. Today I was at my desk hypnotized by all of the emails and tasks that I had coming my way when a glance at the clock snapped me out of it. It was 2:25 p.m. That meant that the circuit class was starting in five minutes! I thought of a phone call that I needed to return and a video that I should edit… I was making excuses. Something I’ve heard our trainers say came to mind, “don’t think, just do” so I grabbed my water bottle and ran to class.

I chose a machine and introduced myself to the woman next to me. Joy, my new friend, became my motivator throughout the remainder of the class. We pushed each other to go harder with each sprint.

During one particularly difficult sprint I yelled over to Joy, “this is not bringing me joy, Joy!” Her response was so simple but changed my entire day. She yelled back, “Oh yes it is!”

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that. Sure it was hard in the moment, but Joy was right. Doing something that is hard to do, that proves that I am better than I thought, and that I chose to do when I was tempted to do otherwise DOES bring me joy! I am happier with myself and and an all around happier person when I exercise!
After class Joy and I hugged and rejoiced in our accomplishments. I can honestly say that my day is so much better because I exercised. I would even say that it brought me Joy!