Jen’s Journey

We’ve all heard it said “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but sometimes we still do it without even thinking. I have to admit that when I met Jen and saw her perfectly sculpted arms, I assumed that fitness had always been such a big part of her life and her idea of a vacation was working out for 7 hours a day, which brought her to Fitness Ridge. The two friends that she came with talked openly about where they had been and how far they had come. One friend had lost well over 100 lbs. and was still working on her weight loss. I figured Jennifer never knew what that was like to struggle, though she always wore such an empathetic face. I looked at Jen’s “cover” and thought I knew what the story was. Boy, was I wrong.

Jennifer is so inspiring and one of the most humble people I have ever met. I am so excited for this big change in her life as she starts out a new career. She has such a light about her, and her job had been covering that for too long. Does anyone else feel themselves stuck in a job that makes them unhappy? Or maybe your job just enables weight gain too much and you’d be happier somewhere else? I’m interested to see who is unhappy in their job and how it is relating to their weight. Let’s see if we can do anything about that.