It’s not always fun….

I was on a hike recently and overheard a guest say, ‘this isn’t fun anymore’. And, of course, my response was, ‘working out is not always fun’. Yep, that’s me. The aerobics instructor from Texas who loves working out and being fit. Not because it’s ‘fun’ but because it makes me feel good. Believe it or not I don’t jump out of bed every morning (at 5:15a) saying, “oh goodie, I can’t wait to workout”. Instead what I think is – beginning my day with a good workout makes me feel better all day long. I am more equipped to deal with my job and all that comes with it with enthusiasm, patience and logic. It keeps me eating healthy all day because why would I want to undo any of the good (calorie burn) that I began my day with? And when I eat a healthy, well proportioned diet I feel stronger which in turn makes me much more efficient and effective with my workouts. Its a wonderful snowball effect.

But it’s not always fun.