It takes a village…

There have been several situations over the past few weeks that have gently reminded me of a great life lesson… When you are struggling to work through an issue in your life – don’t retreat into yourself, reach out!

I have created a big network in my life to help me handle being ME. I have certain people on my team that always make me laugh, others that will listen to me complain or cry, and a few others who will kick me square in the butt when I need it.

I have folks that specialize in things like accounting, marketing, website design, personal training, nutrition, emotional growth, business coaching, etc. I have others that excel in certain sports, others who travel extensively, and others who are truly remarkable for their skills and abilities in everything from motherhood to life balance to strategic planning.

AND I USE THEM… I use them for ideas when I get stuck, I use them for motivation when I need it, and I use them to be examples of how to get through or get out of just about anything. I add them to my team and I hope that they add me to theirs. I make myself available to help them, so that they will make themselves available to help me. Some people I pay, some people I trade and some people I hope to pay back some day. They are all experts (to me) in some meaningful way and I love having them on my team.

The importance of building a strong team to support us in life, cannot be underestimated. We are stronger together than we are apart. My question to you… Who’s on your team?

If any of you at home are struggling with Fitness, Nutrition, Education or Relaxation – don’t forget – we are on your team. If you need any personal one on one help, we are now available to do virtual coaching sessions.

* Do you need Emily or Rachel to help you meal plan or devise a new nutrition strategy?
* Would you like one of the Trainers to review your workout plan and help you reach the next level?
* Are you ready to approach the emotional pain points that surround your weight?
* Do you need a realistic plan to make everything you learned here stick?

If you need the help, add us to your team. Just call the front desk to make an appointment. Remember, don’t retreat into yourself, reach out!



* This is available to our former guests only and is only being offered in our Utah location currently.*