Imbalance Training

We all stumble and fall – it’s a fact of life. No matter how fit you are there IS something that will trip you up eventually. This is where imbalance training comes in. It is important to train you body to know how to react when it is off balance. This way – when we really are off balance – the body is able to react quicker and hopefully save us from any real injury.

Imbalance training can be very simple; stand on one foot for one minute, then stand of the other foot for one minute. That’s all there is to it. If you can do that – add movement while standing on one foot (e.g.: lifting your arms up and down by your side/front, leaning forward, bicep curls, over head press, etc). If you really want to challenge yourself try standing on an unstable surface such as a wobble board, BOSU ball or spongy pad – all of these surfaces will challenge your ankles, hips, core, etc and will train your body and brain to recognize and correct imbalance.

Remember – sometimes falling is part of the deal. It can even be part of your training. Don’t take it as a failure. There is a huge difference on your body between splatting on the sidewalk and executing a controlled fall. Learning to fall thoughtfully can make the difference between a broken bone and a bruised muscle.

Good thing is that you don’t even need to go to the gym to do this type of training. You can do it anywhere – your home, the grocery store, your office. It’s a ‘no-excuse’ exercise. I love those!