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I’m Home! Now What?

We love hearing from our guests and how they are doing at home. Most of the time we hear that things are good! You’’re trying new recipes and workouts and finding ways to live healthier and so on. On the flip side, there are times when we hear that our guests are struggling to stay motivated and to keep going when they are outside of the “Movara bubble”.

We totally understand. Life happens, temptation is everywhere and its not always easy. But have no fear, we are here to help. If you feel as though you might fit into this category sometimes or all of the time, this article is for you!

When it comes to making sure you are getting an ample dose of daily exercise, our trainers shared the top 5 things to do the minute you get home!

1. KEEP MOVING! Find something you like! Maybe try a class or a workout that you did here at the resort and try that. Not to mention, a 1-hour workout is NOTHING compared to what you did when you were here!


I. Find a partner/workout buddy.

II. Be accountable to yourself or find accountability in others.

III. Find a support team. This might be friends, family members, co-worker(s).

IV. Commit. Sign up for a race (don’t be afraid of challenging yourself! You did at least a 5k when you were here and hiked way more than that!) Then, tell all your friends and family that you are going to run a race to help remain accountable.

3. HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS! Remember our ““Doing the Math”” lecture? Keep the principles that you learned from that lecture in mind as you continue on your journey. Don’’t be hard on yourself for not getting the same results as what you did here. We don’’t expect anyone to hike and workout six plus hours a day! Look at the big picture and realize that even a pound or half a pound a week is a success! Not to mention, there are other factors to keep in mind and to measure besides what it says on the scale. For example: running speed, stamina, strength or flexibility. These are all things that are also huge milestones that you should be very proud of!

4. DON’T LET AN INJURY GET IN THE WAY! Ok, we are not saying “rub some dirt in it and get back out there!” What we are saying is that you just learned all kinds of ways to modify exercises or movements when you were here, and now it is time to try them out. You might even find that it helps the healing process.

There are several ways to get your heart rate up when injured. For example, you can still box when you have a lower body injury and that’s a great cardio workout. Swimming is also another good one! There is less compression in the pool, but you can still get your heart-rate up.

5. DECIDE TO MAKE IT WORK!  Life may get in the way, but decide that you will not let it. If this means you have to wake up an hour earlier to get your workout in, then do it! You might actually find that a morning workout increases your energy throughout the day. Morning workouts also increase metabolism and you will burn more calories throughout the day as well. Lastly, do little things like parking far away from the entrance of work or the store!

Just remember to keep moving!