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How to Make Exercise Happen

The best way to stay motivated to exercise is to find value in what you are doing. Finding your why is so important when it comes to making this a permanent part of your life. If you want to be healthy in order to be able to play with your kids, participate in a charity fun run, or go on a hike with a goal to climb a challenging peak.  Write it down on a sticky note where you will see it every day and it will remind you of why you are on your journey.

Just Get Moving

Remember that you simply need to do it. The real value in exercise comes after the exercise is finished.

Don’t Rationalize Yourself Out of a Short Workout.
A 10 or 20-minute workout is completely worth it and is so much better than not working out at all. Give 100% for a few minutes and it will feel so rewarding!! Sometimes a shorter workout is all you need and other times it will naturally turn into a longer one.

Celebrate What You Can Do!

Every workout does not have to be a red-in-the-face-puke-in-the-trash-can workout. Moderate workouts definitely have their place and need to be valued. Take it a day at a time.. realizing that not every workout will be the same. Some workouts need to be moderate and fun!

Do What You Love!

Don’t get too bogged down with how you should be exercising.. and just find a way to get active. If you love gardening, count that as exercise. If you love to dance, take a dance class. Playing with your kids for an hour at the park can count as an exercise session. Main thing is to move your body!