How to Avoid Extremes on Thanksgiving

all or nothing


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  A day we give thanks, show our gratitude and spend time with loved ones.  It’s also arguably the biggest meal of the year.  Therefore, for someone who has a rocky relationship with food, it could also be filled with fear and anxiety.  


A good friend and therapist once told me that the definition of mental health is balance between rigidty and chaos.  That has always stuck with me.  If our thoughts are rigid or chaotic – all or nothing – then our behaviors will be.  Extremes are easy and a convenient way to avoid finding balance, which takes dedicated and consistent work.  Fear, worry, anxiety, comparison and judgment feed on extremes.  Balance brings peace, trust, awarness, faith, love, creativity, inspiration and acceptance.  THAT is well worth the effort.  Something to remember for tomorrow: trust yourself, stay present and mindful, embrace food as nourishment and pleasure and make memories worth remembering.  


Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD