How do I lose my belly fat?

This will be a short, to the point blog. The best and easiest and ONLY way to lose weight around your belly and keep it off is to do cardiovascular exercise and stop eating/drinking so much.

I know it’s painful but it’s just that simple. I didn’t say it was easy…but simple it is.

You can do 500 million billion crunches a day and that won’t do anything about the extra weight that you have around your belly. You can lift weight until the cows come home and that won’t do anything about the weight around your belly (yes, you will burn calories while you lift weight – but unless you are doing a hardcore, functional, TRX or Cross-Fit type workout your calorie burn will not be as great as a cardio workout).

Remember – you can negate all those calories you just burned on your workout in about 10 minutes of eating (even less if you are drinking your calories).