Honesty & Acceptance

Your ability to meet your health and wellness goals is completely dependent on your willingness to be 100% honest with YOURSELF. 

Here at the Resort, we want our guests to know they can trust us, that we have their best interest at heart, and that we will always tell them the truth. But none of that really matters if you aren’t willing to be honest with yourself. Justification, finding distractions, or avoiding the truth will only prolong your healing.

Being honest is much different than being judgmental. Honesty means accepting yourself and your circumstances for what they are. This leads to acceptance and love rather than self-hate, judgment, or feelings of scarcity and lack.

The ball is totally and completely in YOUR court. That can either be inspiring or frustrating, you get to choose. However, being honest with yourself leads to really coming to know yourself which is usually the reason for the struggle anyway.

We are your biggest cheerleaders! We want you to succeed and we hope you will let us be part of the process!